Let's Talk Bridal Frames

I am proud to offer one of a kind & fine art inspired pieces handcrafted in Vancouver, Canada.
Couples love the whimsical, airy, & organic aesthetics of my work, which is the modern & non-traditional way to preserve your flowers.
Here you will find more information about the floral preservation process.
  • If you would like me to turn your bouquet into a forever art piece, contact me via inquiry form to reserve your date; once I confirm your reservation, I will send you a detailed instructions on how to properly ship your bouquet to me. If you are in Vancouver, we can also arrange a drop off/collection.
  • It is important to know there is a 1-2 day period to drop off/ship your bouquet. The sooner the better as your flowers will start to wilt which can affect flowers’ ability to press and its colour from its original form.
  • I recommend planning and preparing packaging of your bouquet according to instructions I will provide, before the event so you would be ready to finish off posting it to me as soon as possible. I also recommend keeping your bouquet in a cool environment, so the flowers remain as fresh as possible. (Please avoid storing it in the fridge as there is risk of freezing)
  • **IMPORTANT** If you are shipping your bouquet, I would highly recommend to use over night shipping by FedEx! If you must use other couriers, always ask for details of the service you choose! Canada Post Express is NOT express shipping! It's a 2 day "guaranteed" and is almost always delayed to 3 days!!
  • Flower preservation can take time depending on the type of flowers. From receiving the flowers to posting the artwork to you, it can take between 10-12 weeks. I naturally press and preserve the flowers, which cannot be rushed. Love and care are put into every piece, creating beautiful one of a kind artwork.
  • Book your spot in advance! It can get very busy during wedding season and I will always try to accommodate you, but to avoid disappointment please book in advance to guarantee your spot. All I require is a deposit to reserve your date.


  • When pressing flowers, the colours and textures may be altered due to the preservation process. Often pure white floral tend to turn more to an antiqued white, cream or mustard, pink floral can often fade to a light pink/yellow, but then sometimes they turn into a darker pink or purple. Some very very light pinks and purples such as Amnesia rose,Toffee rose, cappuccino rose, Vintage blush, Quicksand rose, Brut rose, etc (used in a lot of light coloured bouquets recently) will turn into grey; and red tones can become more pink/purple or even dark burgundy. Every flower is unique and takes the pressing process differently, so I always appreciate their rebirth in their new and different colours and characters.


  • A selection of frame sizes, and styles are available to choose from during consultation. however, if you would like your bouquet to be framed in multiple frames (sets of 2 or 3) or if you think you'd like to order extra mini frames for your family or bridal party as gifts, please mention it in the beginning as it is important to know how much material I should preserve.


  • If you have any unanswered questions, please fill out an inquiry form and let's talk flowers and art!

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